My name is Special Agent Raye Penber of the Experimental Division of the FBI. Anything else you desire to know you will have to ask.

Current M!A status: None currently.

Indie RP blog for Raye Penber of Death Note. No images are mine unless otherwise stated. Tracks the tag agentrayepenber.

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*curses Julia and Danny for getting me hooked on Icon for Hire*


Funny story: Today I wrote “Raye Penber FBI” on my hand. Later, a girl walking behind me must have only seen the “FBI” part and whispered to her friend in a 100% serious tone, “Oh my God, look at her hand, she’s an FBI agent!”



//this could have been us but you just blew it kid

yes. exactly as planned.

Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley
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Alright everyone, I know we’ve all been expecting it today, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it. No questions asked. Here’s the song of the day.

are you fucking serious 

This is some next level shit.

misssayuyagami said: emma stop -_- girl you fine as hell. if you dont want to bathe ill give you sponge baths oooooh

kaylee shut yo mouth I still bathe I just don’t wanna

you keep that sponge away from me

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bbfromdeathnote said: "Um… I don’t tell people my actual name. But please call me BB. And, I don’t think I caught your name either."

Raye knew he should probably be careful around someone who hid their name, but he saw no harm in being nice, so he smiled and answered, “Alright, BB, my name’s Raye Penber.’

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what will happen before near dies

a near death experience

"Thank you. I will start searching any other important information including the autopsy."

"I’m happy to be of assistance, miss, ah, I’m afraid I didn’t catch your name."


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