My name is Special Agent Raye Penber of the Experimental Division of the FBI. Anything else you desire to know you will have to ask.

Current M!A status: None currently.

Indie RP blog for Raye Penber of Death Note. No images are mine unless otherwise stated. Tracks the tag agentrayepenber.

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When I am less tired, I will reply to asks. I know I owe bbfromdeathnote a reply.


Matando el antojo!!! #sambil #sushi #sushihana #margarita #díalibre #instalike #like4like #antojo #lavidaquemerezco #aunqueseasola #buenambiente


An apple a day keeps the Shinigamis from ever FUCKING LEAVING YOU ALONE

Some of my homecoming pics from blue day (otherwise known as game day) because Julia has all the pics of tacky day, Disney day and all of us in our dresses.

Hey, guys, sorry I’ve been missing for quite some time without warning. I’ve been focusing on getting a little more recovered and things and homecoming week (which has been fun; I might post pics later). I’m not totally recovered; that’s never happened to me before but I’m cutting a lot less.

I’ll reply to messages as soon as I can. Maybe I’ll make a few posts tonight if I get the chance but tonight’s homecoming and I’m gonna wear a pretty dress and stuff :)

I had a breakdown in art class for no reason at all… I’m fucking falling apart and no one even sees. Nobody even cares.

I hate my job. I wish I was good at things so I could get different one.

Very nice to meet you, Mr. Raye." BB could tell he was being very cautious, and he was right. "So, here is my number, please call me if you find anything. I will be at the library." BB had written something on a piece of paper and handed it to Raye. "See you later."

Raye smiled and replied, “Alright, I’ll let you know what I find out!” He left, heading in the direction of the morgue. He hoped to get some insight from the examiner himself.

I think I probably need to move my psych appointment up…




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