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I threw up at work, but no one knows… I should probably go home but I’m still kinda scared.

I almost crashed my car today and it was the most terrifying experience in my life…. I thought I was going to die…. It spun out of my control and I couldn’t stop and when I finally did manage to stop I was less than an inch from crashing into a lamp post. It’s been three hours and I still can’t breathe… I’m still shaken up. I think I’m going to be sick.

I worked all day long and I have to get up early tomorrow and basically I feel like shit both physically and mentally and so I’m gonna go to sleep if anyone wants to talk like anyone would enjoying talking to me anyways you can find my phone number on my contact page idk if I’ll get online tomorrow and if I do it probably won’t be for long


Can we talk about how Raye’s soul is forever trapped in Limbo because Light Yagami forced him to use the Death Note. That means his soul and Naomi’s soul will never meet again.

Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Raye rp’er is here to make the feels go away! According to canon:

  • All humans, without exception, will eventually die.
  • After they die, the place they go to is Mu.
  • Once dead, they can never come back to life.

So they’re in Mu together! *rolls away*

I’m still mad… I’m off and yet I still can’t sleep because I’m so ticked off. I’m so tired.

mavericksofthereach said: ( that shit isn’t ok .___. )

it’s honestly not the worst thing she’s said to me… I’m getting used to it now.

i’ve never gotten this mad over a show before especially one i’ve already seen… i’m just so angry lately… i honestly think i’ve broken my hand… i shouldn’t have punched the wall

I’m watching free! and I just watched haru and rin race and I’m so fucking mad omfg I punched a wall several times and I think I might have broken my hand I’m still fucking mad what how why NO fuck goddammit no this makes me so mad I could seriously kill a man goddammit damn it to hell

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the last time I was this mad was the time my mom told me I made her want to kill herself and I don’t know why I’m so mad I just am I cannot even deal right now I just can’t

haru: i only swim
[theme song plays]
haru: hardcore

I’ve got a hella bad headache and a really bad sunburn and I have to wake up early tomorrow

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All day every day. I’m probably a sociopath.